Carpenter service

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Carpenter Service

Caretmg provides high-quality carpentry services for a wide range of applications at home or in the office. Our extensive suite of carpentry services  is geared towards providing our customers with a solution that fits into their schedule and budget, and goes beyond their expectations. If you need to get something installed or fixed by a professional carpenter, then caretmg can help you.

We have a professional team of carpenters who can take on whatever requirements you have, be it a wooden furniture that needs fixing, or shelves and cabinets that require precise and seamless installation. Our company believes in providing expert carpentry solutions that yield excellent results, at a fair and competitive cost. Regardless of the difficulty or extent of the project, you can expect our team.

Our company is home to an in-house team of professional carpenters who are equipped with the experience and skills to get any carpentry job done right and produce stellar results. 

Carepenter Repair and Maintenance Work

  • Making of Sofa and other furniture’s
  • Wooden chairs
  • Wall paneling
  • Kitchen cabinet and fittings
  • Wooden partitions
  • Furniture assembly and installation
  • Bolt latch and handle work
  • Furniture repairs
  • Replacement of rotten woodwork
  • Wooden railing installation
  • Shelving
  • Built in cupboard designing

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