Electrical Service Provider, Maintenance & Repair for Corporate & Domestic

Electricity forms a major part of every human being’s daily lives. Without it you cannot even imagine of a day. Whether you are going to use the fan or you want to relax by watching TV, nothing is possible without electricity. And, therefore maintaining it with proper servicing is also very much required. Whether it is the air conditioner above you or it is the desktop computer that you need to use for your assignments, it is incomplete with the plug and socket that supplies electricity to the devices. We at Care TMG can provide you with each and every solution regarding electricity and electrical devices. We work with highly trained professionals who expertise in providing in each and every type of electrical repairing and servicing works.

Our domestic electrical services:

We provide all round domestic electricity servicing and maintenance with the help of our state of the art equipment’s and highly trained experts. Starting from repairing to wiring, changing you meter box or properly fixing the power lines to your home, we can do it all. You can even call us for the installation of new lights, renovating your whole lighting system as well as for timely servicing. Keeping your family and home safe is a really very important and so don’t take any chance with that.

Some of our domestic electrical services are:

  • Upgrading along with repair works.
  • Inspection of electrical home safety.
  • Installation of new exterior and interior lighting.
  • Installation of plug, switch and setting up new wiring.
  • Installation of MCB and fuses for absolute safety at the time of electrical accidents.
  • Installation and repairing of various home appliances.
  • Installation of surge protection for the whole house.

You can easily book us at Care TMG for domestic electrical services and we will be there with our service.

Our corporate electrical services:

Running computers and AC in offices is very much important as they form the life line of most of the corporate offices. Whether you need to install new cables, install trendy lights or you are in need of a smarter corporate solution, we Care TMG can handle it all with our highly skilled professionals.

Some of our corporate electrical services include:

  • Proper lighting is very much important in an office as without that it makes working difficult along with a dim light condition. You do not need to worry again for dimly light office. We provide you with proper lighting and power solutions that are required for running your office in full fledged.

      We offer regular servicing and maintenance packages. Regular servicing is very much required when it comes to corporate offices as there are number of employees who work there and therefore ensuring there safety is also very important with regular maintenance.

  • Installation of close circuit cameras and other security options. Our security options can give you absolute peace of mind while you work in your office.
  •      We provide installation of any kind of electrical appliances like fans, AC, new sockets etc.

We at Care TMG are dedicated towards providing you electrical solutions 24*7. We are the only electrical service provider who is providing services PAN India. Our only goal is to provide our customers with the solutions they require and thereby looking after their complete satisfaction.

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