Providing social benefits to society and Customer satisfaction are the best returns CareTMG can get

Care and Maintenance, these two words define the state of any infrastructure these days. No matter how beautiful and elegant a house, or an office building looks, it always requires the maintenance and care which can help it in keeping it’s USP.


We, at CareTMG, ensure that your precious office or home stay as good as new, in and out. Your satisfaction regarding our services provided is of utmost importance for us, and we shall always provide you the best of care for your infrastructure round the clock.


Our enagagement services always hire the best persons in their respective fields, who help in maintaining of the high standard of work provided. We always believe in giving back to the society, and for that, our services and products are insourced, and nurtured, as compared to others. Our Maintenance and Reparing services are always professionally handled and on the point, so that every facet of the work presented to you is perfect in nature and precise in finishing.


We treat each of clienteles as an opportunity to showcase what we can plan and achieve to cater to their specific needs and deliver right on schedule, as per their specifications. And happy clients mean happy reviews for us, inspiring us to do better with each time.


Also, the socio-economic impacts of a well maintained infrastructure also contributes to the society in a positive way, wherein a clean environment of a workspace, or even a household inspires people to produce more, to contribute more positively towards the betterment of the society and to improve it continually. We, at CareTMG are proud and happy to deliver such happy workplaces and households which can inspire you in a more positive manner.

We all love living in offices or in a home which well maintained left, right and center.

To keep your home or offices in shape, 24 x7, use the services of ours :


Plumber :

We Deal in all kinds of plumbing work including PPR Fittings, CPVC Fittings and GI Fittings. Be it a contract with material or contract without material or just minor repair work, get your plumbing worries fixed once and for all


Electrician :

We are your one call partner for all your repair needs, from a ceiling fan installation to doing commercial wiring our electricians can do it all.


Carepenter :

Do you have to get a modular kitchen customized? Or do you plan to change the cloth for your sofa? Or do you want to get some those paintings up on the wall?  CareTMG is a one call solution partner for all your needs.


AC and Refrigeration

Hundreds of people trust us for their AC and Refrigeration related issues. Our professionally trained servicemen can provide you with the most comprehensive solutions.

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