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Sofa Chair & Cleaning

Sofa and chair cleaning is a service we provide in which we use modern techniques to get rid of stains and dirt on your sofas and chairs. Clean and shiny sofas and chairs will be the end result.

Our Services and Solutions:

We carry out electrical services for corporates and offices like cabling, wiring, repairing, maintenance and installation

  • For upholstered sofas we use a mechanised cleaning and dirt extraction process.
  • There are 3 steps :
  • Step1 dry vacuum to extract the loose dust.
  • Step 2 is the application of chemical foaming and scrubbing.
  • Step 3 is removal of residual dust and extraction of moisture.
  • For leather sofas, a 2 step process of polishing is followed. 
  • Step 1 is to dry vacuum to extract the loose dust. Step 2 is reconditioning with wax and cream.
  • For chair cleaning we use a 3 step advance process.
  • Step 1 is vacuuming with a high powered vacuum, to remove and dislodge dirt and dust.
  • Step 2 is foaming, where a safe chemical foam is applied followed by deep scrubbing to ensure proper cleaning and santization.
  • Step 3 is using our advance machine to remove the residual dirt and dust to leave you with a soft and germ free chair.

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