Water tank cleaning in Delhi

The most common cause of illness in mankind is due to contaminated water. According to reports, about 65% of all the diseases found in mankind are water borne along with children of age of below 5 years who are more susceptible to such diseases. The most common type of drinking water contamination is through the contamination of water storage tanks. Water storage tank cleaning is often neglected or is done by inappropriate means like cleaning tanks by sweepers, local plumber or the unprofessional tank cleaners. Today, the household purifiers are very much common but there are instances when they are of no use when the water tank gets too much contaminated. Also, clean water tank can help you to improve the life of your water purifier and thereby making them more effective. Other than drinking, water is also used for other household jobs like washing, cooking, bathing etc. If the water is not properly clean then it can expose you to the deadly water borne diseases. We at Care TMG make sure that you are not exposed to water borne diseases by providing you with timely water tank cleaning services.

You can maintain the health of your family by making sure that the water they use for various purposes is clean and is free from bacteria. Our expert team make sure that your water tank is disinfected in the proper way and thus ensuring safe and clean water. Today, we provide water tank cleaning services PAN India including the capital city of Delhi.

We use 4 stage process which has been developed after several research which involved full proof stages of cleaning using imported equipments and technology. Let’s have a look at the stages.

  • Stage 1: Processed dewatering

The first stage that comes in the process is mechanized dewatering which dewaters the tank properly using machinery after which the foot valve is pumped out with the help of dewatering equipments.

  • Stage 2: Scrubbing and sludge removal

This stage involves the scrubbing off of the water tank with the help of special machines which removes the fungus and dirt. Also, the sludge at the base is removed with the use of special cleaning kit.

  • Stage 3: Anti-bacterial spray

After scrubbing the walls of the tank are cleaned with the use of high pressure cleaning and the jet cleaners are used to make the wall get rid of algae, calcinations and other contaminants which stick to the internal sides and leads to the development of microbiological contaminants. After proper cleaning of the wall, anti-bacterial spray is used which makes sure of complete sterilization on each and every corner of the tank. The only thing that Care TMG believes in is to provide you with cleaner and healthier life. With our anti-bacterial spray you can live tension free of the stress of growing bacteria inside your water tank.

  • Stage 4: Using UV radiation

The final process of cleaning and sterilizing is done with use of UV radiation with the help of unique UV radiator devices. This helps to kill any type of floating bacteria remaining inside the tank.

The whole process makes your tank 100% free from bacteria without any tension of water contamination. All you need to do is to just contact us and we at Care TMG will be there at your service.

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