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    Carpenter Services

    Whether it is the AC above you, or the computers you use for long long hours or it is the sockets and plugs you use around you in the office all day, it all requires one key element, that is electricity!

    We at Care TMG provide a solution to each and every electric problem. Want to install a new cables, fancier lights or want a smart corporate solution? We have all the tools to make it happen.

    Our Services and Solutions:

    We carry out electrical services for corporates and offices like cabling, wiring, repairing, maintenance and installation

    • Our skilled carpenters can build many things like shelves, cabins, cupboards etc
    • New furniture can be built in no time
    • Installations of doors
    • Fitting of existing door, drawers and handles.
    • Gating solutions
    Display Units can
    • Furniture repairs
    • All sorts of renovations can be handled for the look you want to achieve

    Why choose us :

    • Our carpenters are highly skilled and can build anything for your preference
    • The work is done with perfection and for your satisfaction
    • A lot of care and attention to details is payed

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